Friday, January 7, 2011

Attack of the killer UFO's...

Nothing kills my creativity like quilt guilt.  And nothing gives me quilt guilt like nagging UFO's.
There they are...on a shelf in the quilt cave, right above my daughter's head.  When I am sitting near her sewing, I can hear them nagging at me.  I stop and ask her if she hears anything, like nagging voices...she just looks at me and shakes her head.  Mom's hearing voices again...

I shut up the scrappy bowtie quilt this week by taking a whole 30 minutes to finish quilting it.  Fortified by my feeble success, I have picked the next two to attack.

These are the blocks from Bunny Hill's "Bunnies Prefer Chocolate" - started in 2006, I think.  I bought the whole set of Block-of-the-Month patterns from Jennifer's Quilt Shop in Pinckney, Michigan.  I just need to assemble the chunks and do borders.  I started out following the pattern to the letter like a good girl, then I started going rogue (I just can't stop myself sometimes...), "tweaking" a couple of blocks with my twisted personality.  I think the reason I never finished it was that I was sort of bored with the proposed border treatment.
Now I want to incorporate some words in the border.  As enchanted as I am with Tonya's free-pieced letters (Lazy Gal Quilting), I think the style of this quilt calls for some lowercase appliqued words.  I need some inspiration on that (feel free to comment with suggestions!).  All I have come up with so far is:

1) Bunnies prefer chocolate...and so do I!
2)'s not just for breakfast anymore!

And because this quilt is destined to hang over our bed, I made the mistake of asking my husband for his input...he came up with something about "getting your chick's tu-lips off his chocolate bunny" - why do I even ask him anymore...

See why I need help??

OK...enough said...project number 2.  I only lack the the last 3 blocks finishing the center of Sue Garmon's "All Around the Town" that I started in 2010 after ordering the pattern set from Quakertown Quilts in Houston, Texas.

Here's the pattern front.

I've mostly been behaving myself about following this one faithfully, except for a couple of additions.  The last 3 blocks leave me a little cold, which is why I think I have had a mental block about finishing them. 

Cathy of Cabbage Quilts is also working on this top, and her version has filled me with fresh inspiration about how to finish mine.  She did a little off-roading herself, and I love her results!  Here's her top.
I am designing some subtle changes on my last 3 blocks and some additional little things in other finished blocks to make the town my own.  My friend Ola is doing this project as well, and we are having fun discussing our planned deviations and having some good giggles (remember the Gorton's fisherman?  Ola also thinks my town needs a whore house...why does she suggest that for my town and not hers?!?).  Giggles are good.

So, these are my next areas of attack.  I am not making a pledge to finish all UFO's before jumping in on some new projects...I just want to reduce the volume of those nagging, old, unfinished voices so that I can drown them out with the TV or a good movie.  I have also found a great new pattern for reducing my scrap pile, which I will share next time.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. least all your projects are beautifully organized and accessible. That makes you a step ahead of a lot of us.

  2. I too love that your projects are so well organized.....If those where my UFO's I would be finishing ALL ABOUT THE TOWN, with or without Miss Kitty's Place. I have pattern envy..Love All About the Town..

  3. What is it about quilt guilt!?! I know those voices very, very, well!! LOL I'm trying to balance the UFO ones with the "get this project done for the class you're teaching" and meanwhille, roll, rolling the cotton boll...sheesh! HUSH!!! Can you add a massage parlour to the town, too, please!?!?! Maybe the house of ill repute should go with the bunny quilt..."Bunnies do it for chocolate, and so do I!?" Oh, I don't know! It's your quilts!!!! I got problems of my own! :-P
    Mary Lou

  4. Well if you want to sell the pattern for All around the town when you are done with the quilt top? I would be intrested in purchasing.I have wanted to make that one for years. I do not really have quilt guilt but I understand it. What helps me is how I let go of my finished items from a pattern I give the pattern away on my blog.

    On the positive side it looks like you have plenty to choose from to work on. :)

  5. Quilt guilt...ya I know all about that! I find a short trip to the LQS and a large coffee is a good cure (or at least a short avoidance!)

  6. Hey, there. This is Steve your husband. Thanks for reporting on my brilliant Bunny Quilt input! I'm there for you. Now get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich. (Just kidding. heh heh)

  7. Mine nag too..just turn up the music! But you are so right about quilt guilt!

  8. What beautiful quilts... I encourage you to complete at least the tops... so impressed with your organised area...

  9. I don't have any brilliant suggestions, but I definitely think you're on the right track with lower case applique words. Something elegant.

  10. I get that nagging feeling too at the beginning of the year. I am trying to be good and not start so many of the free BOM this year.

  11. I just want to say that your projects are so gorgeous!!! I love them!! Keep up the good work!! You are just so inspiring!!!

  12. I almost fell off my chair laughing at your husband's comment.....good thing he said he was just kidding about that sandwich LOL. Both of these are great projects and I'm still trying to resist paying that rediculous price for All Around the Town. How about "Chocolate is a food group".


  13. Your organization has stopped my in my tracks - it's amazing!!
    That bunny quilt is too cute!

  14. Those bunnies are so fun!! I like your idea of lower case letters in the border. Good luck with what you decide to say :0)

  15. Honey, I just hate to tell you, but I love your husband's bunny quilt input. I do think you should include it.

  16. I wish my UFO's were that organised!!!!!!! That shelf is a picture! Now doesn't that take some of the guilt away? I think husbands' comments keep us going. I love the idea of the bunny quilt above your bed.

  17. I don't think you should fret the UFO's. Obviously, you are taking very good care of them! I am hanging my head in shame and making a pledge to at least try to wrangle some of mine into such a neat storage system. You are quite amazing!


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