Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back "in town"...LITERALLY!

I've managed to get another couple of house blocks finished for my Around the Town quilt (by Sue Garmon)...I have not posted a block on this project since the end of, how time flies!  The block above is block #4, called the "good as gold house."  And here is block #6.
And here are my first 6 blocks that make up the right side of the quilt:

This is the picture off the pattern...

This was the first block...I loved the whale weathervane...that's what attracted me to the quilt in the first place.
This is the right, top corner...
This is the gable house...
And this is the bottom, right corner, the "dark and skeery woods."
It has been fun getting to use the architectural fabrics I've been saving...stones, bricks, wood.

I've been choosing fabrics and prepping pieces of the remaining six blocks.  Maybe I will be more timely in posting another block!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Teresa, love the blocks. They are all coming along so nicely. I can see why you really like this pattern. I think I might put it on my to-do list also. Great job, with the various fabrics. Been saving those type of fabrics for years, they are so much fun to play with.


  2. so beautiful... you had lots of work and what a beautiful portfolio of properties you have:) LOL

  3. I love your blocks. I started this quilt in 2004 and only finished five of them. I had 2 daughters get married that year and after all the hub bub surrounding two weddings in six weeks, I haven't made it back to this project. I really love the fabrics you have chosen.

  4. I have had the "Around the Town" pattern for quite some time and have not worked on it at all. Good for you doing something on yours. I like your fabric choices.

  5. It's looking fabulous Teresa, I wouldn't mind living on that street at all..!!

  6. I love your Good as gold house - it looks like it could be a mill. What a fun project!

  7. I just love this project!! I'm amazed at all the architectural fabrics you have found too :0)


  8. Looks great! I love your fabric choices - sorry I've been away, you somehow disappeared from my subscriptions.

  9. Oh wonderful ..... love the pattern and your blocks!

  10. What a neat quilt - I love your fabric choices.
    As someone else stated I would love to live in this village.


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