Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to Blogging...

Yeah! Summer is over and my daughter is back in school...maybe I will be better about posting!  On my first posting, I included of a block from "BIRD PARADE," an original quilt I made for my newest niece, Eliza. After some questions about what the rest of the quilt looked like, here it is...

I had to come up with a design to match the colors and the bird theme that had been chosen. It was a fun project, although hand-quilting all the little curly-Q's in the backgrounds behind the bird blocks nearly drove me insane!


This summer, I have been trying to finish some UFO's. Although I am a hand-quilter, I had to face the music and realize that I had something like a "log jam" of tops that needed quilting. I decided to have some machine quilted by Rhonda Loy, of Dexter, Michigan. I am trying to get the binding done on those, then I will share them.

One very large quilt that I've finished the binding on is called "1930's Windmills." I pulled the pattern from a quilt magazine some time ago, bu
t resized it down to make smaller units (and use more scrappy 30's fabrics!!).

I love scrappy! As far as I'm concerned, the quilt with the most different fabrics wins! The added bonus is not having to make eliminating decisions concerning fabrics...they all work for me.

I am very excited about the new blog and buzz concern
ing The Civil War Bride quilt. The site was started by Lizzie McMahon and supports creative people making this beautiful quilt, adapted from a US civil war quilt top by Australian quilter, Corliss Searcey.

Lizzie's blog site has only been up about 6 weeks, and there are already many beautiful blocks posted by some very talented quilters. So far, I've managed only to pick out my background fabric (very important and more difficult that I thought it would be!!) and trace some patterns on freezer paper. Check it, too, might be bitten and just have to make this quilt!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

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  1. I love those windmills Teresa and the hard work quilting the curly bits on the bird quilt was well worth it I reckon, just adorable.
    Thank you for the kind words about the blog, can't wait to see your choices for your 'bride'.


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