Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hand Quilting on "Miss Emilie..."


I am still here!  I am hand quilting away, among other things, which really doesn't lead to very exciting pictures to put on the ol' blog.  I mean, there is very little change to the overall look of the pictures.  

These first two shots show "Miss Emilie's Garden" (pattern by Lori Smith) after I basted it in preparation for the hand quilting..,.pretty boring.

The next shots show the quilt after hours of work getting the center twenty-five blocks quilted.  See?  You can't really tell that much has changed!  For you readers, it must be worse than watching paint dry on the house-flipping TV channels!

I leave the basting thread in until all the hand quilting is finished. Removal of all that distracting lavender thread is my delayed gratification reward following the patience and perseverance...and therapy...of each stitch.  I am now working on hand quilting the borders.  I know, zzzzz...

Actually, with all the current life craziness, it is good to have hand quilting to do!  While stitching away, I have earlier seasons of "The Big Bang Theory" in the DVD player.  No matter how many times I've heard the episodes, they still make me laugh!

I will go back an put a little more filler quilting in the blocks...I want to "quilt" my initials and the year in one of the blocks.  I love seeing antique quilts where the maker has added these details, whether with applique, embroidery, or quilting.  

The quilt only measures 42" x 42".

I am also working on the border pattern for the "Baltimore Rhapsody - Symphony" - almost done!  That quilt was just in the AQS Lancaster Quilt Show, and is now on it's way to the AQS Paducah Quilt Show.

My little handmade thread catcher has worked out great for collecting the thread tails as I hand quilt away...

It has been another harsh, snowy, cold winter.  As the weather started to warm up and melt the accumulated snow, we had a couple of days that looked like everything was covered in a white, shiny, candy coating.  It was weird!

The sifting, packing and planning is underway in preparation of the summer move to NW Alabama.  Riley's senior year is filled with events and college decisions, and we continue to be involved in my in-laws' rehab and hospice.  It is a busy time!  My dad's birthday has come and gone and I am still standing...I still miss them terribly, but the debilitating sadness and anger following the accident is subsiding.  Life is going on...

Thank you for your thoughts, notes and emails,,,they have been greatly appreciated!

Has anyone ever used PODS for moving?  I would love to hear about your experiences.

I have been hand appliqueing on some delightful little 6" blocks using up some reproduction fabrics. They are my "to go" baggie project right now.  I will share all that soon!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)