Sunday, March 6, 2016

Oooo...guess what I have been up to...

I have spent most of the weekend FORCING myself to tackle my technical deficiencies in the digital pattern making department. First, I am working on all these little 6-inch applique blocks I've been doing lately in my REPRO MADNESS project (and I've drawn some NEW ones that I need to prep and stitch!).

My plan is to "PDF" them, bundle them, then offer them on my little web store as a digital download (VERY reasonably priced).  I will send them out snail mail as well, but for those with a printer you will be able to save on the time and cost of shipping.  

Yippee! Immediate gratification AND more money to spend on FABRIC!

Several of you have wanted to know when/if I would be offering these little 6-inch patterns, so that is why I am doing it!  You are pushing me to grow...and learn new techie things, that are usually hard for me, LOL!  Since there are so many sources for 6-inch pieced blocks out there (and probably already in your quilt library), I will just be offering the applique designs...not a completed project.  YOU will get to be the project designer, so in my way I am pushing YOU to grow as well!  Ha ha!

(And once they are printed out on your end, you can enlarge them is you are nervous about the small size...they would also be fun as larger sized blocks.)

Now that I have figured out my scanner for the little blocks (that fit so neatly on one page with no segmenting needed), I am slicing up my 15-inch music block patterns into quarters and will digitize them.  I know there are some of you eager to order a digital download of those blocks.  I may need some Guinea pigs to email a couple of the patterns to when I am ready to experiment!

I should have offered those Baltimore Rhapsody patterns like that to begin with, but I really liked the idea of printing the patterns "in total," on a 16-inch piece of paper, so that they would not have to be taped together to use.  It was an expensive, odd size of paper pattern to print, and I guess I learned my lesson...with the first 1900 patterns!

(I just taped together some patterns that I copied from one of my applique quilt books, and it was no big deal at all...not hard to match up the segments and happily go forward in the process.  I guess the "whole pattern" thinking was just me being unnecessarily obsessive/compulsive!) 

See?  No big deal at all!

My design wall is filling up, and my hand applique is catching up with the number of pieced blocks...I may have to do some piecing after all, LOL!  I am having too much fun with the little blocks to quit!  I need to nail down my actual setting so that I know how many more of each kind of block I need...

In stitches, 
Teresa   :o)


  1. Wonderful, wonderful!! I look forward to the time when the patterns are available.

  2. Oh, this is just fabulous! I love your Little Treasures.

  3. These blocks are so delightful! Have you made that super cute frog block yet? I don't remember it. I love the combination of pieced and appliqued blocks - it's going to be one special quilt!

  4. I've never bought applique designs, having made them myself, but yours are irresistible. I especially love the sailboat.

  5. Oh wow! Being able to purchase the blocks is more than I imagined. Will they be sold as sets or individually?

  6. Oh, how wonderful! I am really excited about this. Thank you for stretching, and getting me thinking about stretching, too--funny how that works, isn't it?

  7. I love these, ooh can't wait.

  8. I love these, ooh can't wait.

  9. Can't wait to see what is more to come.

  10. This is so exciting Teresa, I can't wait to purchase your appliqué patterns. I'm happy to be a tester for you as well if you need it!
    Big hugs

  11. Wow!! That is so exciting! I'll be keeping an eye out for those patterns!!

  12. Woohoo! So happy to hear it. I will send all my applique friends over to your site. Good luck!

  13. Can't wait to order your patterns!!!

  14. I think your six inch pattern idea is a very good one! I wondered if you would offer them for sale.

  15. Hello from Belgium,very great idea!
    I am very happy

  16. Sweet little blocks! I love .pdf patterns, ours have been very popular too. Great fun, thanks for sharing.

  17. So glad you're back - and your new ideas are awesome! I look forward to getting some of your little block sets. I too love Lori Smith's little applique blocks; Anna's Garden is being quilted now.
    Your exchange quilt is such a great idea to transition to a new area. All of your blocks are wonderful and your quilts will be, too, and will hold wonderful memories of fellow quilters.


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