Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Miss Emilie's garden in growing and growing...

I have been stabbing at a few more of the blocks for "Miss Emilie's Garden" by Lori Smith.  I can now add seven more to the pile of finished blocks!  Woo hoo!

I trimmed all twenty-three of the finished blocks down to 5-3/4 inches square after soaking these recent seven blocks in water to remove the glue (these tiny suckers finish at 5-1/4 inches square!). I usually wait until all the blocks are finished to do the trimming, but I just couldn't wait!  To heck with delayed gratification...

I only have two more blocks to hand applique.  Then I can start on the hand appliqued swag borders and cutting out the other borders and sashing.

I am liking the looks of the blocks first I wondered if I had made a mistake in picking reproduction prints in such muted tones.

But now I like them...especially when I think of the brighter red repro fabric I picked for the sashing, etc.  That should add some zing.

I liked stitching the following eagle block...I can tell I've been stitching in the dark with my 'Beam n' Read' light...I see a stray thread or two...oops...

I love making these blocks so scrappy...the fabric variety makes the blocks more fun to fondle and oogle while I stitch (and I don't have to make fabric's ALL good...).  I just love these repro fabrics.  I need to do a larger project with them so I can see more of them! The fabulous fabrics are a little lost on a tiny berry that is barely big enough to reveal the color...

Oops...I should have picked a lighter center for the posie below...

I did not think I would like the following block, but it was makes me want to do more of these "cut-out-doll" style album blocks...hmmm...

This block with "princess feathers" was my eye was drawn to it in Lori's booth at the AQS Lancaster show last year and I just had to buy the pattern...

So sweet!  It makes me want to do a little quilt with just 4 or 9 of this block alone!  The larger feather shape gives me a bigger hit of favorite fabrics...I am such a fabric addict!

I think my mojo is returning...I have been drawing again.  And doing more house work (yikes!  it is amazing what happens when you just don't care for a while!).  I have given in to the pharmaceutical help offered by my doctor for the depression I have been in since my parents' fatal accident.  I hope that every day will be better than the one before...

Thank you for you continued thoughts and prayers.  We all have difficult things to deal with from time to time, and your shared experience, strength and hope has been so helpful.

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Love your fabric choices, your blocks are beautiful.

  2. I like every one of the blocks. This pattern is still on my to do list. Seeing yours makes me want to start today.

  3. I think the fabrics are perfect for those blocks. I have to agree the Princess Feather block is wonderful. Maybe you could do some light color outline embroidery around the center that doesn't show up very well.

  4. Your blocks are delightful! I see so many fabrics from my stash in them too :0) What a shapely eagle! Lori Smith draws such lovely applique shapes. I'm glad to hear you are drawing again too.


  5. Good decision Teresa--we all need help--I did after my Dad died, too. I just fell apart. I know it was an immense help to me.
    I am looking at your blocks and thinking that they are so lovely--LOVE that eagle--I am on an eagle search for my next applique..searching ebal, etsy etc. Hope you continue feeling good...hugs and many thought, Julierose

  6. I am so happy to know that you're feeling better. Sometimes, good drugs are the only solution and nobody should be afraid or ashamed to use them. I'm not. Without them, I feel like a zombie. With them, I feel human. So looking forward to seeing you.

  7. Love,love.These are just awesome!

  8. You never cease to amaze me with your talent and what all you can produce. I suffer from depression and do take meds for it. There are so many times that I just can't concentrate on any one thing. I'm so glad that you were able to get some help and can still function. You've been through an AWFUL kind to yourself. Your blocks are lovely, as always. Sending you gentle hugs from Texas. :)

  9. Lovely lovely blocks. I am always amazed by your cunning color combinations. I love looking at your blocks.

  10. Your work is beautiful -- simply gorgeous. I applaud you for accepting the help offered by your doctor and am glad you are feeling better. One stitch at a time . . .

  11. Your applique blocks are so lovely. I think your fabric choices are beautiful!
    I can't imagine what you have gone through since your parent's accident. I hope your days continue to get better.

  12. Gosh you have such pretty fabrics. It looks like such fun to use them in your blocks (which are lovely). Housework does have a way of piling up way too fast. unfortunately.

  13. I love your blocks, and love the fabrics you chose.
    very fun!!! you could add another circle of a brighter cheddar or solid cheddar on that posie if you wanted :) so glad your sewing again and moving forward, good for you getting some help, time heals too, give yourself a few months things do get better
    thinking of you.

  14. I love your blocks, and you have some yummy fabrics!!

  15. Wow! Your blocks look great! I love all of Lori's patterns and you are certainly doing this one justice. Great fabric choices too! Glad you are feeling a bit better - hold on to your great memories. And sew (that always helps!).

  16. Love the blocks. Your fabric choices are fantastic. I promise it will get better but yes, you will miss and think of them everyday. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. It brightens my day.

  17. Your appliqué is just gorgeous Teresa, I always love your fabric choices. I think you and I are kindred spirits when it comes to favourite fabrics. I'm so glad you accepted help from your doctor, sometimes it's hard to accept that we need a pick-me-up, but it really can make a huge difference.
    Be sure to have a great weekend

  18. Two good things-your mojo coming back and you knowing it was time to accept help. Both will help ease your soul. The pain will fade and the memories will come, and they will always stay with you.
    I love your fabric choices; I'd love to sit with you and stitch. :)

  19. Your blocks are lovely! I'm feeling the need to seek out this pattern. Good for you for getting help when you needed it. I have chronic depression, and have been on meds for years. I'll probably always be on them. My husband, though, has been taking anti-depressants since his mother passed away 1 1/2 years ago, and I think he might be about ready to get off them again. Sometimes we need a crutch to get through life, like you and my husband do. (Sometimes we need a wheelchair.) I bet your mojo will show up in full force soon!

  20. Gorgeous wee blocks!
    Congrats on the ribbon... well deserved!
    Excellent choice on the pharmaceutical assist...I know it will help your body recover from the shock so that you can get more energy and get back to more fabric therapy! Hugs


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