Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 AQS Chattanooga Quilt Show, Part One...

I am back in Michigan following a visit to the AQS Quilt Show in Chattanooga, TN and a trip to Alabama.  I went to the show on opening day and took as many pictures as I could to share with you.

More than my typical apologies for my photography: Either my new photo editor is screwing with me or BLOGGER is experiencing a hiccup...some of my pictures loaded sideways and I can't seem to fix them!

I hope you don't get whiplash or a pain in the neck from seems to have trouble with the ones I made skinny by cropping.

Anyway, it was fun to see some of the quilts from the Michigan AQS show again...some that had ribbons in Michigan now without them, and some overlooked at the Michigan show adorned with ribbons.  Any given day, any given judge...

This crazy quilt made from ties really caught my eye.  I have my dad's ties and want to do something really special with them so I am collecting ideas.

"The fabric in the hearts are from vintage ties.  This project involved learning and researching several different stitches.  Many of the embellishments were contributed by friends.  Design Source: "Chatelet Quilt" pattern from Patchwork, Quilting and Applique by Jenni Dobson."

Ties are a natural for the crazy quilting style, and I like the idea of adding buttons, ribbon roses, etc. in addition to doing embroidery.  I also have some tie tacks, pins, etc. of his which would be fun to incorporate...maybe some of the buttons from his dress shirts...

The following quilt won "Best Traditional Quilt."

"Peacocks have always dazzled Cindy, so when this fabric line came out she had to make a quilt with it.  Cindy is grateful to Sally Collins and Jinny Beyer for their books on pieced borders and blocks, which were immensely helpful to her in making this quilt."

The large setting triangles (and other negative spaces) look like a printed fabric but are actually black fabric with lots of colorful background stitching.

The "Best of Show" quilt was just delightful!  So many beautiful details...I could have stood in front of at all day, but it was drawing quite a crowd!  

"Two years in the making, Marilyn did all the hand applique and embroidery while sitting with her husband during his illness. Before he passed, he was able to tell her it was his favorite quilt and he named it.  After his death, it took six months to quilt it."

The colors are just so wonderful together...

The following quilt won "Best Wall Quilt."

"Beth showcased her favorite things in this unique and original piece.  She used hand-dyed fabrics, turned edge machine applique enhanced with machine decorative stitches, mini piping to form perfect circles, lots of feathered quilting, and hand beading."

The next quilt won the "Best Modern Quilt" group.

"This is Kimberly's original design which is a variation of her pattern, Lone Sunburst, featured in her book, Jelly Roll Quilt Magic.  She loves the warm and cool colors on the crisp, white background, set off by the exquisite quilting.  Quilted by Judi Madsen."

"Big Bertha" won "Best Computer-Aided Quilt" at this show (I think it was "Best of Show" at the AQS Grand Rapids show last month...)

"Margaret took the original design of the traditional Dresden Plate pattern and modernized it with bold colors and fabrics.  It was stitched with five miles of silk thread and dedicated to Margaret's late grandmother, Bertha.  All the quilting designs are original and hand guided."

The following quilt came all the way from Japan to win "Best Innovative Quilt."

"Hiroko's dogs run at Shining Waters in PEI.  She used Cynthia England's picture piecing and original precision applique technique."

"This is a reproduction quilt from the Battle of Franklin Trust collection in Franklin, TN.  The original was made by the Graham Sisters from Thompson Station, TN, in 1854."

Very, VERY, VERY fine hand quilting on the next quilt...

"This quilt had been planned since 2011.  Pamela wanted to try something a little different than the original white background.  She really enjoyed quilting the butterflies, dragonflies, and sunflowers in the background.  See if you can find the one snail.  Design Source: The Sunflower, Mountain Mist pattern "P."

I have MANY more pictures to share, but I am going to stop with these for now.  

It was so nice to meet Sue of the Florida Farm Girl's World blog while at the show.  She was just as sweet and nice as I knew she would be!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. I LOVE that sunflower quilt. Beautiful stitches! Thanks for sharing these - I feel your pain - I hate change too :0)

  2. Even sideways - I still enjoyed the photos. What beauties!!

  3. All lovely quilts; but that crazy quilt setting is really beautiful!! I just finished 8 blocks and would never have thought of setting them like that! Really pretty with all that space around them instead of just block-to-block...thanks so much for the peek, Teresa, hugs, Julierose

  4. I enjoyed seeing the photos, sideways or not! Thanks

  5. thanks for all of the photos. Do you have a photo editor DVD that came with your camera? I have one I like with my Canon camera.

  6. Fabulous quilts there. Thank You.

  7. Thanks, Teresa - so sorry we missed meeting at the show!

  8. Beautiful quilts so since I never enter any are there different judges at each show? Also the quilt Fire and Ice does it mention who quilted it?

  9. Teresa, Thank you for the lovely photos.

  10. Once again I am not surprised at how much viewers enjoyed your quilt. What does surprise me is that there is so much money involved in the top winners and yet no cash award for the quilt that the MOST viewers admired. Honestly, I am most proud of my viewer’s choice awards because it means that my piers enjoy my work too, but a little cash never hurt anyone! Congratulations!!


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