Sunday, August 24, 2014

2014 AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show - Part ONE...

The 2014 AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show has come and gone! "Baltimore Rhapsody - Symphony" was hanging amidst some mighty beautiful quilts!

I LOVED this first quilt and got to meet its maker!  My picture of her quilt label was too blurry to post, but her name is Leslie Stevenson of Lakeland, FL (quilted by Anne Haussmann).  It is called "The Fabric of Our Lives," and she made it symbolizing people and events in her family, utilizing the design sources of masters such as Elly Sienkiewicz and others.

There are two bed quilt categories at this show, "Quilter's Choice" and "Made By Machine."  Leslie won first place in the "Quilter's Choice" group.

There were two quilts entered in the show made from this pattern and I loved them both...

It was fun to see my quilt under the bright lights in the big city...

There were cute whisperings around this 50th anniversary quilt for in-laws..."it was made by a MAN!"...

Deborah inherited the quilt from her aunt, finished a few of the blocks, but had no more fabric for the borders...hence her dilemma.

This was one of my favorites...I loved all the hand workmanship, classic design, and colors!


This won second place in the "Quilter's Choice Bed Quilt" group.

(Dang, but that's a LOT of HST's...)

The wool applique was a nice touch...

The twelve blocks of this quilt can be interchanged anywhere in the quilt and still match up with the motifs in the border...

This quilt won third place in the "Quilter's Choice Bed Quilt" group...

This won honorable mention in the "Quilter's Choice Bed Quilt" group.

At the show, Judy Endres and I looked and looked for that pheasant...I finally found him when I looked at these pictures at home on the computer...he was hiding in plain sight, LOL...(thanks for taking me to the show, Judy!!)

This quilt incorporated the concept of whole cloth quilting with a vintage linen bedspread to create this beautiful, unique quilt.

This won third place in the "Made From Machine Bed Quilt" group...

This won second place in the "Made From Machine Bed Quilt" group...

This won first place in the "Wall Quilts Hand Quilted" group...the subject is her grandfather and she used excerpts of letters he wrote to her mother (his daughter) in the sky background...

I hope you are inspired to go stitch something beautiful today!  I will share three more posts from this fabulous show, so stay tuned!

In stitches,
Teresa   :o)


  1. Wow great display of quilts. Hope you enjoyed your visit to the show. Thanks for sharing with us that can't make it. Chris

  2. How delightful to have a quilt (and your's is just as spectacular) hanging amongst these! I totally had my breath taken away. I would hate to be a judge.

  3. A delightful and real pleasure finally meeting you at this show which had lots of eye candy and a nice variety of vendors. What fun!

  4. Thank you for a most enjoyable stroll through the quilt show. What a wonderful show it was. Everyone deserved a prize. Your quilt is stunning, again thanks.

  5. It's just amazing how many extremely talented quilters are out there! Thanks so much for sharing these!

  6. Thanks for posting pictures of the show. Beautiful quilts!

  7. Congrats on being part of the show! I was lucky enough to attend that show last year while I was vacationing in the area, and it was fun to see quilts I'd seen on blogs in real. I'd love to see yours in person.

  8. Congratulations for your quilt being there! Great photos and commentary - looking forward to your next posts!

  9. Your quilt is absolutely stunning hanging there in the show. As usual, I like the non-ribbon-winners better than the ones chosen by the judges.

  10. Oh, my, what wonderful quilts. And your quilt fits right in there amongst them, dear girl!! I'm planning to go to the Chattanooga show here in a few weeks if things work out.

  11. WoW!!! Some amazing quilst! I have to say I love Jocelyn Atkinson's.......maybe that's because I am from New Zealand also. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. I was thrilled to see your beautiful quilt hanging at this show! Sorry we missed the chance to meet in person. Thanks for all the pictures!

  13. Congratulations! How wonderful it must be to see your quilt hanging there!
    What a fantastic show!

  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to photograph the quilts in such detail for us to enjoy. Looking forward to more. Your quilt is so interesting, I admire your dedication.

  15. Fabulous show. Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Thanks for the mini quilt show. Those are phenomenal. (I can't imagine ever doing all that applique and then having the courage--or steady hand--required to write on the block!


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