Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 Sauder Village Quilt Show, Part Four...

Bored with the quilt show yet?

First place, Wall Quilts: Pieced and Hand Quilted...

My buddies, Ola and Mary designed this quilt for a local Block-of-the-Month, and Mary stitched it together.  It is full of symbolism and meaning, and the wonderful applique designs and geometric piecing and setting make it stunning.

This little beauty also won Viewer's Choice for wall quilt in addition to first place in it's category, Wall Quilts: Mixed Techniques and Machine Quilted.  It is fun to look at all the fun little details.

I love the story of this guy's first quilt project...

Each of the two judges got to pick a favorite...this is one of them...

Too funny...see the shadow above?  Apparently I extend my pinkie when I am shooting pictures...I wish we could have seen this one also in the dark.  Apparently there is a neat glowing effect...

I loved this quilt...I am a sucker for bright 30's fabrics with solid blue...

All dots and polka-dots...TOO fun...

I love pineapple log cabin quilts...the logs in this were so tiny...a real joy...

First place in the Wall Quilts: Small Quilts, Machine Quilted category...

Maybe we will all dream of quilts tonight...



  1. All this eye candy is over whelming! I LOVE it ALL !!

  2. What inspiration. They really show talent. Now if I could only get a jump start. Chris

  3. Thanks again for sharing your pictures of the quilt show. So lovely to see all the beautiful quilts and to read all the information about them.

  4. Never bored looking at quilt show pics. I was glad to see so many hand quilted ones at your show. The last show I went to where I live, there was one! I'm not a big fan of machine quilting (can you tell?) LOL

  5. What a great show that was! Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are all so fantastic! Thanks for sharing this wonderful show! :o)

  7. Teresa,
    I haven't posted for over a year b/c I haven't been blogging. But tonight I happened to check my blog and saw your link and thought I would see what you were up to. Your finished music quilt is absolutely fabulous - congratulations on your accomplishment and success with that.
    I was saddened to read about your parents tragic and sudden passing. What a loss for you and your family. I will lift you up in my prayers as you come to mind.
    Take care.


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