Saturday, July 20, 2013

 Well, the "Baltimore Rhapsody" music blocks will be available in 10 days on our new little website.  If you go there before Monday, July 29, you will see Weasley watching over things until we get back in town (we are taking care of some family matters...).

Penny emailed and asked if I would lump all the blocks together in one post so she wouldn't have to go searching through my blog to find them.  The brasses are shown above and the woodwinds below...thanks for the suggestion, Penny!
I wish I could say that I will be quilting on the symphony quilt where I am going, but it is a little risky to take a basically white quilt into that environment.  We will be pretty busy while away anyway.

Here's the string section...
Next, the conductor, percussion, and the solo instruments...
And the first three "general" music blocks...
I like the way the sections look together in 4-block arrangements...hmmm...future projects...

I mailed "Folk Art in the Vineyard" off this week to Paducah for the August Grand Rapids show...anyone out there going on Friday, August 16?  It's so hard leaving the box at the post office and trusting a quilt to go out into the ether.

It only took as entire lint roller brush to get the cat hair, etc. off the quilt before sealing he box.  Zeesh!  My cat follows me everywhere I go, and now, this time, he is preceding me.

Last year there were 80 vendors for the first year of the AQS Grand Rapids show...I heard a rumor that there will be 200 there next month.  (Note to self: must leave credit card at home...)

On the Monday the store site opens, I will be hosting a give-away here at the blog...come back and help me celebrate!  Maybe by then, I can show you what I am doing with the next 2 instrument blocks...the banjo and the accoustic guitar.  Yee-haw!  (or maybe more appropriately, "Hee-Haw"!)

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Exciting new direction for you! Your blocks are really lovely!

  2. everything is looking so great with this quilt. Good luck with selling your patterns.
    Instead of taking a credit card to the show take cash and then you won't go over your budget! LOL

  3. lovely to see these again. I'm thinking I might be in Grand Rapids -- we're planning a family trip to Chicago and Shipshewana around the same time. how would we find each other.

  4. Your blocks are luscious luscious luscious!!!

  5. The blocks are gorgeous. Your header is beautiful and Folk Art in the Vineyard is stunning. I look forward to seeing it in GR. Good luck with your business venture.

  6. The block groupings are wonderful. I bet you sell a LOT of patterns! Wow - 200 vendors? You need a day for quilts and a day for vendors!

  7. Looking forward to viewing Folk Art in the Vineyard in person. I will be attending also to visit "Sunshine Sherbet" on display. My date of arrival TBD. Vendor at NQA show mentioned 220 vendors in Gr Rapids. Everybody wear your walking shoes!

  8. Found your site when I was surfing looking for applique music themed blocks for my daughters wedding quilt. Love the blocks. Good luck with your quilt. It's such a leap of faith to send them out there into the great beyond.

  9. WOW! the blocks look so great on your header. love your quilt you sent off.

  10. The “Folk Art in the Vineyard” is breathtaking. I love all the dynamic colors that all work together to make this masterpiece. I love the little sneak peeks we get from the orchestra blocks. Thank you for sharing.

    from Amber Levan @Split-Site PhD


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