Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well, I've got my undies in a bunch...

...well, more accurately, I have my HUSBAND'S undies in a bunch.  If you read my last post, you know that my husband loves all quilts, but thinks the BEST and MOST AUTHENTIC quilts are made from old clothes and scraps.  So naturally, I decided that the new wall hanging he has been hinting about for his office area at work should be made from his old boxer shorts.  Ha!  We'll see how if he continues to hold this opinion after he is presented with the finished project!  I will call this effort "BOXER REBELLION."

This morning, after he left to report for federal jury duty in Detroit, I raided his underwear drawer (now, if they called him to serve, I'm going to feel really guilty...).  This action on my part should not alarm him or raise suspicion  because this was something I was going to do underwear was bought and washed last week, and it is already in the drawer.  There is one red plaid pair in the laundry to add to this fairly boring pile of blue plaids and stripes. 

Some are pretty thin and most are a cotton/poly blend, but a frugal pioneering suburban woman collecting precious bits to make warm covers to get through the long winter can't be picky, can she?

So now I am trying to think of an appropriate block(s) to piece out of mens underwear.  Since I am making a wall hanging, I figure I'll make 6-inch pieced blocks.  I will sprinkle some funny applique blocks in the mix as well...more on those in a later post.

So, are there any blocks out there with funny names that YOU can think of?  Here's the list of possibilities so far...and yes, 1)  these are actual names of actual blocks, and 2)  my mind is in the gutter (I'm going straight to Hell...):

Jack in the Box
Devil's Claw
Gentleman's Fancy
Odd Fellow's Chain
Darting Bird
Hands All Around (I kid you not...giggle)
Old Maid's Ramble
Hen and Chicks
Bachelor's Puzzle
Ball and Chain
Delectable Mountains
Buzzard's Roost

Barb of Fun With Barb suggested I also make an accompanying seat cushion...HILARIOUS!  GREAT idea!

These are the kinds of twisted things I ponder when I chain-piece.  I have been going around and around with the remaining 81 log cabin blocks I am working on to go with the 39 finished ones.  They are about 2/3's of the way done...woo hoo! 

It is slow work because I didn't cut all 120 pieces of each size log before I started...I was too eager to start chain piecing with my new machine.

I got a couple of emails asking me why I cut all my log pieces to the right length before I piece.  Why don't I just sew on random length strips, then square up after pressing each addition.  Basically because I'm lazy, I guess.  Also, the right length strip keeps me honest.  If my 1/4 inch seam allowance is correct, I don't have to square blocks will be the right size.

Before I sew a strip, I quickly check the width of the block at both ends to see if I need to adjust the position of my strip before sewing.
This may seam slow, but I use the extension table that came with my machine to lay out several blocks at a time, I check them all with the ruler, then drive those puppies, bongo...
I still have the positive/negative chains on the design wall...I need to sew those blocks together as well. 

Must - fill - another - dozen - bobbins...
Pretty soon I will have two scrappy tops finished!!!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. I think you're going to have lots of fun with your boxer project :0) I could never cut all 120 pieces for all the sections before starting a quilt - I'd go bonkers - I always cut as I sew. I love seeing your progress with your scrappy quilts!

  2. I think the Buzzard's Roost would be fabulous, love the idea of a seat cushion. How funny! I agree with your process on the log cabins, a little slower but much more precise for smoother blocks. Loved todays post.

  3. Too funny! Thanks for giving me something to laugh about.

  4. Planning a quilt of recycled plaids and not considering a quick look at some of Bonnie Hunter's books or her website for some ideas? Perish the thought!

    Oh and another block suggestion: "Delectable Mountains" - I did that one in scrappy plaids from an old Country Threads design that was in one of the early APQ issues.

    Sounds like this will be another fun project!

  5. Well, I can't make up my mind which I'd suggest. Whatever you choose will be fabulous, anyway!! This is gonna be fun. Please keep us in the loop, okay?

  6. Hi Teresa Well thank goodness you put the part in there where you had bought new undies. I was afraid the poor guy had to go commando to jury duty today. Block names.....How about Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Birds in the Air...and Alabama Beauty? I'm waiting to see your log cabin arrangement...makes me want to go make just a few blocks.

  7. your log cabin blocks makes me want to get back to mine!
    looking great!
    Barb is just too funny!
    yes you need to make him a cushion too!

  8. A few years ago I saved my son's boxers to make him a quilt but decided I had way too many UFOs. I was going to make it out of 9-patches and strips and call it "Frank & Beans".
    He was very relieved when he found out I had tossed them all. :D

  9. I'm looking forward to seeing the boxer quilt. The choice of names is great, I couldn't even pick a favourite.

  10. My husband thought this was very funny too!! Your like me, I wind 10 bobbins at a time, it helps me gauge how much sewing I am doing in a week too.

  11. Your post is too funny!! I especially love the title "Boxer Rebellion"!! I'm glad to know, I'm not the only person whose mind wanders off to strange places when I am chain piecing!


  12. are so smart cutting your log cabin pieces to the right length....years ago I made a bazillion blocks for a log cabin, all the pieces finished at 1/2 inch there were tons of seams.....and I was slightly off of my 1/4 inch seam during the I ended with stacks and stacks of different sized blocks.....4 7/8, 5, 5 1/8, 5 1/4......good grief! It's not finished, cuz I'm still figuring if I'm going to make some of them on-point for the borders....that will help....but I wouldn't have had the problem if I had done what you did! Lesson learned the hard way! Keep on doing what you're doing! And keep us posted on the Boxer's Rebellion quilt! Sounds like too much fun!

  13. OMG! Your post was hilarious! I wish we could all witness your husband's reaction when receiving his Boxer Rebellion. It should be priceless!

  14. Oh Terresa, I can hardly wait for the applique...with your imagination they will be wonderful LOL. Sorry, can't think of any other blocks to add to the collection.


  15. Hi, Teresa

    Finally got around to getting this link for you -- this was forwarded by my son's m-i-l who thought I might enjoy it when it came out in The Globe and Mail. I think this is right up your alley -- and others who are contemplating a boxer rebellion. I laughed out loud. I hope you do as well.

    Jan at

  16. Too Funny Teresa. I have been reading faithfully but not commenting much on the blogs and I wanted to also say congrats on the weight loss and I am glad you are enjoying your new sewing machine so much!

  17. OMG those block names are TOO HILARIOUS!
    I got such a kick out of them.
    This project is the bomb......ha ha

    Your log cabin blocks are so beautiful. I love your controlled use of the colors.

    Love your scrap quilt too - you go girl!

  18. All good block choices and I think my mind must be in the gutter because I was laughing my head off with them. Very appropriate! The names not the style of block that is :) Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Hugs Vicki x

  19. You are making great progress on your log cabin blocks. I like your positive/negative quilt. And the Boxer Rebellion...its great! I love all the block names you have found. Gentleman's Fancy was my first choice for a "nice" name, then Jack in the Box(er) came in second, but when I read Hands All Round, I started ROFLOLing! Too cute!

  20. Contrary wife....I googled it to make sure I had the name right for that block.
    I did this once with a pair of my son's underwear.
    He came walking by as I was cutting and said, "what are you doing to my underwear?!" I named the wall hanging that. The underwear fabric does get thin. Love all the quilts!

  21. Your boxer quilt is going to be so fun! It already is. And the log cabin blocks are beautiful.

  22. RFLOL So funny! I can't stop chuckling.

  23. LOL - Thanks for the giggle...and if you are going to hell..well you will at least have me to keep you company. My mind was enough in the gutter to get the double entendres! :o)


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