Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sauder Village 2011 Quilt Show - Part 3

 Quilted Halloween eye candy...yum!  I loved this Baltimore Halloween quilt.  I didn't agree with the way it was hung, are some close ups of the blocks.

 This quilt won Best Hand Quilting.

 This won first place in the Wall Quilts: Mixed Techniques-Hand Quilted category.

I NEVER get tired of seeing this is on my quilting bucket list.

 This was a very cool wall quilt in a tough category.

 All the items on the clothesline are separate pieces.
 This was the blue ribbon winner in the Bed Quilts: Appliqued-Machine Quilted.  The cutwork frames around the roses are interesting and the machine quilting is beautiful.

 I love any kind of quilt with music in it...

 This was nice...

 This little mini featured hand-dyed silks.  This was one of my favorites...and it was so TINY!

This was made from one of Lori Smith's "fit the frame" patterns and was already small, but the maker of this little mini reduced the blocks even smaller.  It was made by Ruth Royer of Jackson, Michigan.
"Sara's Hexagon Medallion" won the ribbon for the Traditional category.  It is hand pieced (by not by the English paper piecing method) and hand quilted.

Remember the "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler" quilt?  This one is a twist in different colors.  Read the has a touching story.

And talk about a touching story, check out this next one...

Stay tuned...there are more and more...

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Thanks for bring this quilt show to us..Top class work.

  2. I just am in awe of the work in this show. Thank you so much for sharing with us, even the tears.

  3. Appreciate the time & effort making these quilts..and your time and effort in showing them to us...(like the clothesline quilt!)

  4. It really is eye candy! A shame that the guild did not require credit given to the pattern designers.

  5. I am loving those quilts.. my favorite of these is the halloween quilt. It isn't my favorite holiday, but they somehow made the elements of the quilt cute! I just love it!!

  6. that halloween quilt is a scream! pun intended :)
    thanks for more wonderful quilt photos - love them all - the guitar is wonderful!
    thanks, I needed that.

  7. Wonderful quilts and great stories to go with them...

  8. Thank you for a wonderful e-show :) I liked reading the comments from the creators.

  9. WOW! They are all breathtaking! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for the fabulous mini quilt show! Great Halloween quilt (not so sure about the corner). What is the name of the pattern/quilt that was on your bucket list--the one with all the birds. It's lovely (and maybe it belongs on my bucket list too!) That guitar quilt/story will haunt me. Ex-husband doesn't know what he's missing...

  11. I love how you documented each quilt by taking a pic of the program. I wish I had done so over the years. I have tons of eye candy but don't know who to thank. cw

  12. Gorgeous quilts and I couldn't agree more about how the Halloween Baltimore quilt was hung. Never seen anything like it and it's a bit of an insult really. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts.

  13. Thanks for sharing! This quilt show is on my list for next year!

  14. Was there purpose behind handing the halloween quilt in the corner....cuz yeah, it's not a great way to hang it! But the quilt is so darned sweet! Love all the candy corn and acorns everywhere! And I don't usually like halloween anything! Go figure! Loved all the other quilts, as well.....what a great mix of styles and tastes! I love a show where every time you turn a corner, there is something totally different! Yay!

  15. Your guild has some really talented quilters! Thank you again for sharing the show.

  16. Love the hexagon quilt and that little bears paw. Wow!

  17. Love them all
    Sara's Hexagon Medallion is my favorite in this round...I have a soft spot for the traditional...beautiful quilted

    thanks again for the look at the show!

  18. Eye candy indeed!! Wow - what a show! And you say there is more - I can't wait :0)

  19. great work - love the stories with the quilts.

  20. Quilts around corners and hanging diagonally make for an interesting show. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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