Monday, March 7, 2011

Blocks are arriving...

I am participating in an online, worldwide quilting bee called Bee Balm.  February was my month, and even though I was quite tardy in getting my materials out to everyone, I have already gotten some back!  Thank you Beebee and Tara!!  Both of the blocks with your 30s fabrics are perfect!!

I sent everyone pieces of an old UFO I had cut out many years ago that I decided to re-purpose/recycle into something fresh and new.  An optional challenge was to take the extra white pieces I sent and add some 30's pieces from their stashes to make an additional block.  I am going to add some 30's HST's to make these into funky, bigger blocks (more on that later).

I am finding it necessary to repurpose some of my UFOs to generate the interest in finishing them.  With some of my older projects, I cannot even figure out what I was originally doing!  I can't set myself up for that when I start something that looks like it is going to be longterm, I include notes, drawings, the pattern, etc. into the project box.  Who knew that turning 50 would mean being so forgetful!

I am still suffering from a sinus infection...again. Unlike the one after Christmas, this one includes lots of sinus pain, sore ears and throat, and a nagging cough.  I find myself wanting to medicate and sleep...a lot. This keeps me from getting much done, but also keeps me from coughing.  I am behind on so much between being out of state for 9 days then being sick.  I know I don't feel well when I'd rather sleep than hand quilt!
Hand quilting on "All Around the Town" is progressing, between the naps - I'm almost through with the boring part...all the outline quilting.  Then I can go back and do the interesting "fill" work.  THEN I will post some pictures (the outlining is not very interesting). 

I still think that the hand quilting is my favorite part of the quilt process.  I love how a flat, featureless flimsy gains personality and depth as hand quilting stitches are applied.  I can sense how the rocking of my needle mingles with my breathing and the beating of my heart.  I get into a zen like state of peace and nothingness, floating on the surface of the warm, fragrant water, looking up at the cloud shapes.  I am one with the thimble...ah-h-h-h...then the cat pounces on my hoop, from out of nowhere, and I have to stop, re-group and re-hoop.  BAD kitty...LOL!

In stitches (and suddenly yanked back from la-la-land...),
Teresa  :o)


  1. I love hand quilting, too. My furry queen could be your Weasley's sister - they look so much alike. And if the prima-dona feels she hasn't gotten enough attention, will jump into my work.

    Hope you feel better, soon.

  2. I have two Poor Forgotten Orphans that I'll most likely have to repurpose. A shame, because the fabrics are gorgeous (all cut out already), but I can't find the book they were cut for, and I'm pretty sure some of the cuts are missing.

    When I've cleared out some of the "regular" UFOs, I'll get all creative and figure out what to do with those gorgeous cuts. :)

  3. I'm surprised that Weasley hasn't gotten stabbed by the needle by jumping into the hoop.

    What a great way to repurpose your UFOs :0)


  4. I pulled out two UFO's/flimsies to baste this week so I can start hand quilting...I like to hand quilt it is the basting that drives me crazy!

  5. I like those blocks. I think maybe you've got a plan there with repurposing some of those UFOs. After awhile you either lose interest or forget what the original idea was. Great idea!

  6. Hank jumps onto my hoop a lot and for me, it is break time. I try to hand quilt when she is snoozing elsewhere ... but she can hear the thread going through the quilt and over she comes.

    I'm going to re-purpose some of my projects that were just started and then abandoned. Nothing wrong with that.

    Get well soon!

  7. sorry to hear you are still feeling bad.
    Swaps are fun. Great blocks and idea.

  8. :(
    sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. I think it's a great idea to re-inspire yourself for the UFOs by re-purposing.....I'll have to try that around here.
    Have you tried a Peti pot? it's the sinus rinse thing and husband and son have succumbed after weeks of not feeling well.
    hang in there pal!


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