Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's October...bring on the PUMPKINS!

It's October on the farm, so I decided to turn the watermelons into pumpkins with a wave of my magic wand...bippity boppity BOO!  This is block nine of "All Around the Town" (by Sue Garman).

Three more blocks (wedges, really) to go.  I had so much fun with the pumpkins and quilts, I think I need to go back and put a few more things in front yards.  Then I can start thinking about the cars and two borders.
(Here's the pattern front.)
Despite my protestations, my friend Mary Jones recently "paid" me for some hand quilting with the following goodies...

GORGEOUS new Jo Morton fat quarters, some Halloween coasters (to protect our furniture from mugs of steaming, hot, witches brew, straight from the smoking cauldron...), and a funky little big-headed Halloween ornament.  And do you see the kitty card in the left back corner?  THAT is going to be drafted into a future applique block...I LOVE that caffeine cat, just trying to get his morning fix, with his paws wrapped around his cup of java, foam on his latte-smacking mouth!  Me-OW!!

I love using greeting cards to get ideas for applique blocks.  My quilting friends are kind enough to save the fronts of their recycled greetings for me to make Christmas ornaments from.  Every now and then, there are some that get my applique needle quivering...just look at this doggie with the bird friends...

In addition to working on my barn block, I've been appliqueing the house that will go on the quilt I am making for my sister, Laurie.  I am using a variation of the "Chelsea Cottage" pattern from Blackbird Designs for her quilt.
 I can't wait to get it on a piece of background so that I can surround it with my prepared log cabin blocks.  I've also been prepping more cranberry birds for little Christmas projects.
And getting the odd basket appliqued.  With all the painting I've been doing, it has been nice to relax with little obtainable goals in the evening, even if only for 15 minutes (thanks Victoria of Bumble Beans, Inc.).  Those 15 minute sessions can really add up! 
Have a beautiful fall day (or spring one, if you are "down under").

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Teresa,
    I love EVERYTHING you are doing!! (You are such a bad influence!! LOL) I've had the baskets on "the list" forever, and the Around Town is very tempting (Have to finish Sue's Ladies of the Sea, first! :-D). And how clever is the greeting card idea! LOVE the caffeine cat! I can't wait to see what you do next!
    Mary Lou

  2. I am sew loving this tour around towne...gosh you fill me with inspiration daily...I am as excited to see it completed...blessings msamm

  3. I love it all!!! I want to sneak into your sewing room and fondle everything!! You are doing such a great job.

  4. WOW so much eye candy goin' on at your house!! I wish I had you ambition and get some painting done around here.....naw.....quilting is much more fun LOL.


  5. pumpkins! gotta love 'em! Your friend put together a great bag of quilting stuff for you...

  6. happy you posted over at stash manicure! cause i could find your blog. ;o) loving your applique projects. oh and great post over at stash. i love to see when and how quilters use their stash. ooxx`jodi

  7. Such fun and inspiration! I LOVE your All Around The Town project AND those pumpkins are super!!!

    Fabulous cranberry cardinals too. : )

  8. Ooh Teresa, I just love pumpkins. If it was my quilt every yard would have had them! Great job, the quilt is turning out beautiful.


  9. The house block is so cute. And, there are those trick or treat baskets from When the Cold Wind blows. I will have to figure out where I put mine....... Love the Jo Morton's, too.

  10. Love all your goodies and the blocks are gorgeous. Winona

  11. I love the bird, I did them also but mine were in wool...I finished mine after Christmas last year. Dianntha

  12. I used to have some of the fabric you used for the barn roof. Makes good shingles.

  13. ooh,teresa your house blocks look wonderful,especially with your additions,have a nice weekend,susi


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