Saturday, October 23, 2010

Actual progress...a view of the design wall...

I finally finished the hand applique piece for Laurie's quilt!  I wiped the cobwebs off the stack of already made log cabin blocks that have been waiting patiently and got to pin everything up on my design wall.  Now I need to sew them all together.  Yippee!!
I'm liking it!  This quilt started as Chelsea Cottage from the book, "You're Invited: Quilts and Homes That Inspire" by Blackbird Designs.  I decided to change things a wee bit ('s me...).  I wanted larger log cabin blocks, so I added an additional "round" of logs.  All this meant that I had to re-draft the applique block because the block size changed from 16 x 24 inches to 20 x 30 inches.  I changed the proportions of the cottage and re-worked the vine and flowers.
I had promised a tutorial on how I do hand applique.  I thought I would use this project.  I even enlisted a less-than-enthusiastic husband to take some of the pictures because I found that I needed 3-4 hands (I wouldn't mind carrying extra weight around if it was something USEFUL like extra, helping hands!).
Well, I didn't check the quality of the pictures before rushing on and finishing the block...tsk, tsk, tsk...haste makes waste.  Some were blurry.  I would have gone back and made some more pictures, but I had rushed on and whipped up the block.

I do want to preview my favorite applique tools, though.  Especially the funky blue thing pictured above.  And for everyone who posted a suggestion as to where I could get more "dobbers" for my Roxanne's Glue-Baste, thank you, thank you, thank you!!  They are called "Lil' Sticks" and they are made by the Fasturn Company, and P3 Designs carries them and they're cheap...I ordered a dozen!  (they come in packs of 3)  Apparently, they make good cake testers when baking as well.
Anyway, I wanted to mention the blue coil.  It is a flexible French curve, and I LOVE using it for many things, but mainly to design vines for hand applique.  It is bendable and stays where you bend it so that you can "audition" a vine on your block, then move it to freezer paper or a sketch pad to trace it.  It is a drawing and drafting tool that I found in the art section of my local Joann's store.  I've also seen them in office supply places.  I also use it when hand quilting to make up and repeat quilting motifs.

After coming up with my "curve," I move it to freezer paper and trace one side of it.   Then I go back and draw a second line to make it as thick or thin as I'd like.  Because I iron my freezer paper pattern to the right side of the fabric, I don't have to worry about reversing the curve.
Anyway, I promise that a tutorial is still on my to-do list.  I have a greater appreciation for everyone that posts Crispy and Bonnie Hunter.  Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail.  Tutorials are fun to do, but care must be taken and can't be rushed.

Anyway, I will pick a little project and do a tutorial soon.  I really needed to rush on with this project, as it is a Christmas present for one of my sisters.
I posted on Stash Manicure again this morning.  I revealed some of my stash on that site a couple of weeks ago and was asked to post again and go into more detail.  It was harder to do than I thought it would makes you feel a little vulnerable...EXPOSED!!  I compared it to showing someone my underwear's all clean and boring, but most is old and in need of repair or replacement...the last bastion of privacy.  I love my stash...I've been hoarding collecting it since the early 80's, but it seems a little self-indulgent sometimes, especially in such bad economic times.  And have you ever seen the show Hoarders on the A&E TV channel on Monday nights??  Yikes! 

Check out Barbara Brackman's latest post about the price of cotton right now and what that will probably do to the cost of fabric.  I think we will all be "shopping our stashes" more in the near future...

I am shamefully behind on reading your blogs...I hope to catch up this weekend.  It is supposed to get all rainy and chilly here in southeast lower Michigan.  Ahhhh...fall.

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Love this pattern.. Is that a magazine or book with the pattern in it? I didn't find a book when I did a search. Would love to find it.

  2. What a great quilt! I really like the way you did your vines, great idea!

    OK.....May I go live in your stash room. WOW!!!

  3. Your quilt is looking so great!! I love it in this green colorway. What an interesting blue curve tool. I can see something like that being REALLY useful. I will have to look for one. Your stash looks pretty amazing.

  4. Your stash is sooo organizes...I am impressed! Love the log cabins too...

  5. Cute cute cute house! and your stash! So organized! I have just about finished refolding all my stash. I've come to realize, I need to stop. I have not a speck of room left.. so darn it! when I find a piece I must have. I'm thinking of sticking to buying fat quarters... and making some serious big funky easy quilts just to reduce my stash. we'll see about that! haha!

  6. WOW! I just read your post on stash manicure.
    Have you ever considered doing swaps, some of mine for all of yours.LOL just kidding. But honestly would you consider a swap?

  7. wow what an organized stash - I showed the photo to my hubby and he said you should open a store - I think he is much more understanding of my little stash now :) appreciates it LOL
    I lost my blue flexible tool - I haven't a clue where it is - someone might have borrowed and not returned I'm missing a DVD too on applique!!

  8. Tutorials are fun to do but yes a lot of work. I'm going to see if I can find that flex tool....very cool idea. Do you free hand the second line for the vine or do you have a way to get a more accurate measurement? I'm also curious about that Roxanne's Glue-Baste and Fast Turn Dobber, well glue-baste I understand but that Dobber thingy I've never seen before. I love finding new ways of doing things :0)

    The quilt is beautiful and I'm in awe of your stash!!


  9. Love the QUIP (Quilt in progress! LOL)! I have the book and wanna make almost everything in it! :-D I think you've made Chelsea Cottage your own, though! It is strikingly different from the original and it's gorgeous! Love the stash organization, too. It's NOT your underwear drawer! LOL because if you are like me you'd never waste money on such frivolities when you can add to the stash instead!
    Great going!
    Mary Lou

  10. Hi Teresa, just read your post on stash manicure and all I can say is HOLY COW!. I am in awe Miss Organized Beyond My Wildest Dream. I like your basement quilting space, complete with the occasional visiting roly poly-I always wonder how those things manage to get in thru solid walls-it is your happy place. All we really need for our quilting rooms is bright lights, the fabrics, threads, tools, sewing machines etc take care of the rest.
    Happy Stitching and Organizing,

  11. I love that quilt. I have that Vintage Memories book. Guess I need to pull it out and take another look. And, your stash. Wow. You have a great place to store it all. You are right about the price of fabric. It just keeps creeping up. You will be glad you have all of that.

  12. Hi Teresa! I saw that post on the other blog... I wish I had room to be that organized. As a newer quilter I've now graduated from a small see through tub to a large rubbermaid. I can't wait till I've been quilting long enough to have scraps and stash galore!

  13. If you want to call yourself a hoarder that is okay. At least you are neat but I will call you a lover of fabric. :D Off to read your post.


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