Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three liberated ladies down, 14 to go...AND a give-away!

Yeah!!  Three done!  I'm getting in a groove with them now.  Somehow I forgot shoes on the first one.  We'll see how many more I get done tonight.  Even though our deadline is no longer this Friday but the Friday after, since I'm leaving town this Thursday mine need to be finished in 4 days!  Makes me glad I only need to finish 17 in total.  (and also glad that I did not wait until Wednesday night)

Quilting on "the bride" is progressing OK...I have finished outline quilting all blocks, done what I'm doing to the sashing, and have finished 5.5 of the 20 blocks (and it's not even April yet!).

Michele suggested I should host some sort of "pool" to guess the correct day and hour that I finish hand-quilting "the bride."  I've never done a give-away, but maybe this would be a good way to start.  For those who don't know, I am trying to finish the Civil War Bride Quilt by April 25 (yes...(sigh)...THIS year...) so that I can drive it down to northwest Ohio and enter it into the Annual Sauder Village quilt show.

Before you comment and submit your guess, I should tell you that I work for a church and have to work that morning, so don't waste your guess on any time on April 25...I will have no time between church and starting the 90-minute drive to do any last-minute stitching.

I will find some sort of delightful quilty goodie with which to award the winner and post it soon to entice you! 

So, write a comment with the date and hour of the finish!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. I will be hopefully for you and say you will make the last stitch on April 23rd at 9:30pm. That will give you a day to wash it (if you want) and a day to pack.

  2. OK, we've come this far together, I'll take a guess..........hmmmmm!! Now I think that you will have it finished............April 19th 11.15pm your time!!!! Get stitching girl..
    Have a good week Teresa

  3. I like your bare footed lady, my kinda gal LOL. Ok, I guess April 19th, 9pm your time. I seem to always get something finished on a Wednesday LOL.


  4. Holy Smokes Teresa you have already quilted the border and all the blocks outline - you are eating your elephant in HUGE bites. I am guessing you will have the quilting done on April 10th at 3:00 - that is my daughter's wedding it should be a lucky time for me. I bet the binding and label are not done till closer to the deadline, do you enjoy binding as much as the rest of the quilt process???

    Happy Stitching


  5. April 15, 2010 at 11:59 PM. It would be great if you could get it done by then. You're moving so fast - I could be right. Friday morning quilting group member, Mary Hogan

  6. OK, I'll guess 3:00 AM on April 24.

    If I win, you can just put the quilty goodie in with the rest of your stash and make me a sandwich.


    -- me

  7. this is beth will be finished by April 24 at 900PM

  8. April 14th at 2:03 am!
    - Judy

  9. I'm guessing April 24 at the stroke of midnight you will be finished. I say this because most all the quilters that I know including myself are good at waiting to the last minute to finish.

  10. I can't believe you are still trying to get this quilt done for the 25th. Today is the 20th and I will say Apr. 24 at 11:30 p.m. I admire you for your determination and am wishing you lots of luck to get it done.


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